What is the Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science Program?

The Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science is intended to help female scientists working in the Life Sciences with their scientific career, within the period up to 10 years after their PhD (Veni/Vidi level), thereby contributing to the increase in the number of women professors in the Netherlands in the (near) future.

Annually, two grants are available of €25,000 each. The grant concerns a residential fellowship of three or five months at the NIAS under the name Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science.

Who is eligible?

The application is open to female scientists within the period of 3 to 10 years after their PhD (Veni/Vidi level, pregnancy leave and periods of part-time work for family reasons are deducted);

The applicants are invited to submit a proposal in the Life Sciences; which we define as: proposals focusing on scientific and engineering knowledge that contribute to the understanding of the underlying processes in the existence of living organisms. This includes the study of conditions of health and disease in humans.  It implies a comprehensive and integrated approach which may also include the humanities and social sciences , while at the same time doing justice to a solid foundation in the natural sciences.

Since the program aims to increase career prospects of female researchers and the number of women professors in the Netherlands, only applicants with a permanent or temporary position at a Dutch university or a research institute based in the Netherlands will be taken into account. In 2018 applications can be submitted between March 8 and May 11, 2018. The fellowships granted in 2018 will commence either early September 2019 or early February 2020 (academic year 2019/2020).

The Call for Proposals 2018 is now open 

Download here the application form, project proposal form, and the regulations (Nederlands/English)

For more information

Please contact dr. Marike Bontenbal, Netherlands Commission for Unesco,