Former jury members


Prof. dr. Rietje van Dam-Mieras, emeritus Professor Sustainable Development and Innovation of Education, Leiden University; former member of the Netherlands Commission for UNESCO, former chair of the jury







Prof. dr. Marie José Goumans, Professor of Molecular Cardiovascular Cell Biology, Leiden 








Prof. dr. Paul Emmelkamp, emeritus Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Amsterdam, former Rector NIAS




Prof. dr. Theo Mulder, former Director of NIAS









Prof. dr. José van Eijndhoven, former member Netherlands Commission for Unesco, former chair of the jury






Inge Oudenaarde MSc., former Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Director, L’Oréal Benelux







Foto Douwe Breimer

Prof. dr. dr. h. c. mult. Douwe Breimer, emeritus Professor of Pharmacology, Leiden University, former Rector Magnificus Leiden University





Foto Aafke HulkProf. dr. Aafke Hulk, Professor of French Linguistics, University of Amsterdam, former Rector NIAS






Foto Ellen van DonkProf. dr. Ellen van Donk, Director of the Department of Aquatic Ecology NIOO-KNAW, Professor of Aquatic Ecology, Utrecht University.