FAQ – Dutch FWIS grants



How many months can I deduct per pregnancy?

We use the clause of the NWO, which states that for each child you will get a 18 month extension.


Can I travel back and forth to the NIAS daily?

Yes, it is possible to travel back and forth to the NIAS every day.


Can I work part-time due to family considerations or other responsibilities?

Yes that is possible. As a fellow you have to be at the NIAS at least 4 days a week.


Can the Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO grant the finance of laboratory research or my salary?

No, the scholarship can only be used for substitution of teaching- and research obligations (clinical activity) and the use of facilities at the NIAS.


Are the grants only for post-docs or can assistant- or associate professors also apply?

Yes, the mentioning of Veni and Vidi in the regulations is intended to provide an indication of the stage of the academic career of the candidates on which the scholarship program focuses.


Is it possible to organize a workshop during a three-month stay?

Yes. State the overall purpose of the workshop and how it fits in the project in the application. Also indicate an overall estimate of the distribution of the budget.


Is it allowed to repeatedly submit an application?